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 Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Code of Conduct   Fri May 02, 2008 1:43 am

Official Code of Conduct
© AeGiS, 2008

AeGiS Code of Conduct

Respect the Rules:

AeGiS has many institutional rules and regulations that help keep our communities running. Members are required to follow these rules to the best of their ability. If an issue or conflict arises, it should be brought to the leaders immediately. AeGiS is an organization designed to serve its membership. The rules and regulations of AeGiS are retroactive.

Rules and Policies:

1. Members who leave AeGiS on bad terms and/or are banned from the AeGiS community will be permanently expelled and will not be allowed to return. Bad terms is defined as, but not limited to, violating any policy or leaving the AeGiS community without explanation. The Corps Staff has the authority to reverse a members banned or bad term status.

2. Members who leave AeGiS on good terms, may apply for reinstatement to the AeGiS community to be approved at a overseeing commanders descresion. A member may only leave AeGiS on good terms if they inform their commander and major of their reasons prior to their departure, and it is deemed by both the commander to be on good terms.

3. Members who are removed for inactivity can apply for reinstatement with descresion of previous commander, demotion of rank and 2 month probation. Probation is simply one false action and you can be removed without explination.

4. Members of AeGiS are not allowed to be members of any other organized gaming community and/or clan. Casual association with another community or clan is allowed. Members that are apart of or leave the AeGiS community to join another organized gaming community and/or clan will be permanently expelled from AeGiS and will not be allowed to return to the AeGiS Community.

5. The AeGiS forums ( are for the use and enjoyment of members in the AeGiS community only. Members who leave AeGiS and/or are expelled from AeGiS, will have their accounts removed and/or banned from the forums.

6. Further, members who are registered users on both the AeGiS forums and on another organized gaming community or clanís forum or website, will have their accounts permanently removed and/banned from the AeGiS forums.

7. Members may not appear off-line or hidden from the community.

8. Glitches may not be used to make scoring impossible for an opposing team.

9. De-ranking is not allowed unless it is done in a full party, with all interested in de-ranking.

10. Players should not be booted or forcibly removed from a party unless they have first been asked to leave and refused.

11. Quitting a game out of frustration or anger is considered unsportsmanlike conduct and in serious cases may be punishable. This does not include situations where a player's connection to the game was severed due to loss of power or internet service.


1. Recruits must be at least 16 years of age. If a potential recruit is 15 years old, they may be brought in with the direct approval of the Division Staff in the community they are joining.

2. Recruits must register on the website within one (1) week of the day of their recruitment. Recruits must register using their gamertag and, in the required field state which AeGiS clan they have joined. Accounts will not be activated unless the above-noted rules are followed. Forum accounts that are inactive for a period of 3 months or more will be removed.

3. Every recruit in AeGiS must be given a recruiting speech that contains a complete rank structure, a list of major rules, and the punishment for breaking those rules.

4. Every community is required to have a minimum of one (1) scheduled meeting every 2 weeks.

5. Company rosters must be sent in at least once a month, prior to the 1st of each month.


1. Staff privileges will be given to a new commander upon promotion. Overlord privileges will only be given to a commander with a Majorís approval.

2. Members may only be removed for inactivity if their tag has been inactive for longer than one (1) month and they have made little or no attempt to contact the clan or explain their continuing absence. If a member is removed for inactivity, a Lieutenant or Commander will send the member a friend request explaining the removal.

3. AeGiS tags are available only to those who have attained the rank of Sergeant or above, and then, only with the explicit permission of the clan Division Commander.

4. Transfers between AeGiS Units must be approved by at least one (1) Commander from both units and the Division commanders from both units.

5. No person of any rank is eligible to promote another person to that same rank.

Respect the Player:

AeGiS maintains a standard of respect among its members. Violations of this policy are considered among the most severe in AeGiS. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: trash-talking, disrespectful gestures, harassment, racism, sexism, discrimination, screaming, threats or aggressively foul language. Maintain a professional and respectful attitude at all times, even if others around you are not.

AeGiS requires that every member displays honesty, fairness and integrity at all times. Honesty is one of the cornerstone principles of AeGiS, and any form of dishonesty is considered to be a serious violation of the Code of Conduct. It includes both honesty to others and to oneself, and about one's own motives and inner reality. Acting without honesty or cheating, lying or being deliberately deceptive is not acceptable behavior within the AeGiS community.

Respect the Game:

Cheating in any form is prohibited. This includes modding, bridging, stand-bying, forcing host, circle-boosting, and de-ranking (unless done in a full party). The same rules apply to custom games and other user-created game scenarios. In AeGiS, we respect the game and play by the parameters it set out in the game.

Allowing another person access to your gamertag, who falsely represents a AeGiS member for the purpose or intent of ranking up, is also considered cheating. Further, allowing another person access to your gamertag, who falsely represents a AeGiS member for the purpose of playing or participating with other AeGiS members, clans or in a sanctioned AeGiS tournament is not permitted and is considered cheating. These offenses will not be tolerated and are bannable offenses.

Respect the Institution:

Member poaching, clan hitting or any other destructive act directed toward another community is strictly prohibited.

Poaching includes targeting another communityís membership as a whole or individually for transfer, use of threats or coercion to initiate transfers, or deliberately misleading a member of another community to persuade them to transfer. This behavior will be punished whether it takes place between AeGiS communities or is initiated by any AeGiS member.

Hitting includes the deliberate removal of one or more members of a community, intending to cause harm to the community, without the consent of a Commander or higher. Hitting any community will result in immediate expulsion and a permanent ban from the AeGiS community.

Respect the Chain of Command:

The AeGiS community maintains a standard of respect among its members. Members must follow the chain of command at all times. Members are asked to refer to a person of higher rank than yourself with any questions or issues.

AeGiS has procedures by which members can return to the AeGiS community and transfer from one AeGiS Community to another. The Chain of Command must be followed at all times during these procedures:

1. If a member who has departed the AeGiS community on good terms applies for reinstatement, their commander must be first notified and approve. The commander and member involved must then get final approval from the respective division commander.

2. If a member who is banned from the AeGiS community applies to the Colonel for a reversal of their banned status, their commander must be first notified and approve. All respective parties must then present their case to the Division Commander for a ruling and decision.

3. If a member wishes to transfer from one AeGiS community to another, the member must first seek approval from both their company and Division Commander. The Division commander must then notify and seek the approval of both the division and company commanders in the community that the member wishes to transfer into.

If the above-noted procedures are not followed, the consequences for this infraction are demotion or removal from the AeGiS community. No excuse will be valid.
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Code of Conduct
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