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 Recruiting Speech

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PostSubject: Recruiting Speech   Tue Apr 15, 2008 12:12 pm

Before you recruit someone, make sure they meet our standards of respect, maturity and, to a lesser degree, activity. Play with and get to know your potential recruits. These are the people that will make up your clan, so be diligent. Make sure they are at least 17 years old. If you have any doubt about the age of a potential member, ask them in what year they were born. Hesitation is telling. Make sure you do the math yourself (people born in 1991 will be 17 years old in 2008). If a potential recruit is 16 years old, they may be brought in with the direct approval of the Major in the community they are joining.

Other things to look for in a recruit:
- Character: Good recruits tend to show interest in knowing and following our Code of Conduct
- Potential for leadership: Good leaders are a product of both strong character and good training.
- Good attitude: We want people who enjoy the game, whether for competition or pure entertainment.
- Activity: More active is better. However, recruits should be people who game at least once per week.
- Altruism: Members should keep the benefit of the community in mind, not their personal ambition.
- Engaging: Good recruits will seek out and meet more of the membership. The clan should do all it can to make recruits feel welcome in AeGiS, but it helps if the recruit is motivated as well.
- New: Use caution when recruiting people who have been members of any on-line gaming community. If the person has been a member somewhere (including AeGiS), find a Lieutenant or Commander in your clan who will discuss the prospective recruit’s previous experience.

Recruiting Speech Outline: What Recruits Need to Know Before They Join
There are generally five (5) parts to any good recruiting speech (not including intro and conclusion):

What is AeGiS? Why do we organize like this? What are the benefits, and what do we stand for?

Part 1: Code of Conduct:
No trash-talking, tea-bagging, harassment, sexism, racism, or discrimination of any kind. No cheating or manipulation of game files in any way, including modding, bridging, standbying, forcing host, playing custom or match-made games with modders, circle boosting, and action replay. These offenses will be met with permanent expulsion from AeGiS Actively recruiting (a.k.a. Poaching) from other AeGiS clans is also prohibited. Excessive swearing and breaches of our policies of respect will be punished according to their severity. Mistreating teammates or intentionally quitting a game without good reason is considered unsportsmanlike and in serious cases may be punished.

Allowing another person access to your gamertag, who falsely represents a AeGiS member for the purpose or intent of ranking up, is also considered cheating. Further, allowing another person access to your gamertag, who falsely represents a AeGiS member for the purpose of playing or participating with other AeGiS members, clans or in a sanctioned AeGiS tournament is not permitted and is considered cheating. These offenses will not be tolerated and are bannable offenses.

Part 2: Meetings & Rules & Info:

1. Members who leave AeGiS on bad terms and/or are banned from the AeGiS community will be permanently expelled and will not be allowed to return. Bad terms is defined as, but not limited to, violating any policy or leaving the AeGiS community without explanation. The Colonel has the authority to reverse a members banned or bad term status.

2. Members who leave AeGiS on good terms, may apply for reinstatement to the AeGiS community to be approved at a Major’s sole discretion. Commanders cannot approve a past member to rejoin the AeGiS Community under any circumstance. A member may only leave AeGiS on good terms if they inform their commander and major of their reasons prior to their departure, and it is deemed by both the commander and major to be on good terms.

3. Members of AeGiS are not allowed to be members of any other organized gaming community and/or clan. Casual association with another community or clan is allowed. Members that are apart of or leave the AeGiS community to join another organized gaming community and/or clan will be permanently expelled from AeGiS and will not be allowed to return to the AeGiS Community.

4. Members may not appear off-line or hidden from the community.

5. Glitches may not be used to make scoring impossible for an opposing team.

6. De-ranking is not allowed unless it is done in a full party, with all interested in de-ranking.

7. Members below the rank of Commander may have no more than one (1) gamertag in AeGiS at any one time. Commanders must receive permission from their Major before incorporating a second tag anywhere in AeGiS

8. Quitting a game out of frustration or anger is considered unsportsmanlike conduct and in serious cases may be punishable. This does not include situations where a player's connection to the game was severed due to loss of power or internet service.

9. No deliberately obnoxious or disruptive behavior

10. Recruits are allowed to bring in recruits, and bringing in recruits is a good way to get noticed for promotion.

11. Members may only be removed for inactivity if their tag has been inactive for longer than one (1) month and they have made little or no attempt to contact the clan or explain their continuing absence. If a member is removed for inactivity, a Lieutenant or Commander will send the member a friend request explaining the removal.

12. AeGiS tags are available only to those who have attained the rank of Sergeant or above, and then, only with the explicit permission of the clan Commander AND Major.

- (OPTIONAL) Squads for specialization, events boards, other good things
- Meetings:
a. Day and time of meetings. Squad meetings?
b. Voluntary attendance - "nothing bad happens if you don't attend; only good things come from attending meetings." - shows interest, activity in clan.

Part 3: Website
We are currently using a forum page that can be found at Please ask them to register using their gamertag and post on their respective clan's sign-in sheet. The AeGiS forums ( are for the use and enjoyment of members in the AeGiS community only. Members who leave AeGiS and/or are expelled from AeGiS, will have their accounts removed and/or banned from the forums.

Further, members who are registered users on both the AeGiS forums and on another organized gaming community or clan’s forum or website, will have their accounts permanently removed and/banned from the AeGiS forums.

Part 4: Rank Structure (important!)
Each rank has a given responsibility and a symbol that reflects that responsibility. Symbols must be maintained at all times. Those who are unwilling to maintain the proper symbol may be removed from AeGiS

Rank - Symbol - Responsibilities - Minimum Time before Eligible for Promotion

Recruit - Solid box, Primary Color of Clan - Get to know members of clan, rules and standards of community. Register on and become familiar with the website. Get to know Commanders and their Lieutenants and show interest in AeGiS. They will be the ones voting on membership - Minimum: 1 week (maximum: approx. 2-3 weeks).

Private - Champion Star - attend meetings, game with clan (and squad, if applicable), know the rules and standards of their community. Privates are considered full members in AeGiS and enjoy all the rights and privileges thereof - Minimum: 1 week

Corporal - Delta - begin to learn recruiting speech and standards, be able to answer questions and concerns of Recruits and Privates, help guide Recruits through their recruiting period, assist Sergeants in running squads and squad meetings - Minimum: 2 weeks

Sergeant - Phoenix - become familiar with recruiting speech and use it whenever possible, lead squad meetings (where applicable) and manage squad activity, know how to recruit well and how to teach others to recruit well, help prepare Privates & Corporals for promotions. Sergeants are considered major leaders in AeGiS communities, and participate in officers meetings with the Lieutenants and Commanders - Minimum: 3 weeks (+ well-trained replacement)

Master Sergeant - Non-gold number - strong facility with recruiting speech (should be complete and smooth, though use of a reference card or sheet is acceptable), train lower-ranking members, be able to lead a clan meeting, maintain control and watch for rules infractions and serious breaches of code of respect - Minimum: 1 week (this rank is considered a training rank, acknowledging the special accomplishment of those Sergeants who are nearly prepared for the responsibilities of Staff).

Lieutenant - Gold number - staff, responsible for sending clan invites and organizing clan events; able to recite recruiting speech, train members of all lower ranks, teach recruiting and use sharp discretion when recruiting new members; mediate conflict in clan (defer to Commander when necessary), run efficient clan meetings and help Sergeants run squads, maintain order within clan and watch for rules infractions. Any major infraction should be reported to the Commander - Minimum: 1 month (approx. 4 weeks + well-trained replacement)

Commander - Valkyrie - Overlord, manage and maintain standards of community. Ensure balance and develop keen awareness of the 'tone' of the clan, e.g. what is considered acceptable, how people are treated, what defines rank, when are people ready for promotion, need to be demoted or removed, etc.. Under normal conditions, Commander is the only rank with the power to remove a member from a community. Commanders are the life-blood of the organization, and nearly every detail of maintaining the clan is within the bounds of their responsibility - Minimum: promotion will not be considered until Commander has shown facility managing 2 or more clans. ( + well-trained replacement)

*Note: the following ranks should be mentioned in reference to the gamertag suffix, but their duties need not be included in a recruiting speech. DL stands for Disciple Leader and is worn by Majors. SD stands for Senior Disciple and indicates the bearer's rank of Colonel.

Major - DL (once a member reaches the rank of Major, they are free to choose their own symbol. They also earn the distinction of having a gamertag ending in DL, meaning Disciple Leader) - directly responsible for overseeing their set of clans, indirectly responsible for assisting other Majors in the administration of all AeGiS clans; make sure all clans have submitted squad lists, help train and eventually promote Commanders, offer guidance to Commanders who request or are in obvious need of it, approve AeGiS tags & members under 16, approve clan transfers, attend weekly Majors meeting. Majors are held accountable for the actions of their clans, and will be relieved of their oversight in cases where their clans suffer significant mismanagement.

Colonel: Oversee all of AeGiS, approve new clan branches, ensure Majors and Commanders are active, facilitate use of AeGiS services among membership, assist Generals in company management. Identified by the suffix "SD" meaning Senior Disciple.

General: Oversee all of AeGiS, manage significant branch of AeGiS business activities (e.g. Academy, Store, Pro Agency, Web, etc.). No suffix yet announced for this position (former "HD" was used by imposter posing as general -- REPEAT: HD TAGS ARE FAKE).

Part 5: Chain of Command
While anyone of any rank is welcome to talk to anyone else in the community about any issues that arise, we ask members to try to follow the chain of command. Corporals and Sergeants are capable leaders who can answer many basic questions regarding the tone and structure of a community, and if a situation arises that is beyond their ability, they will refer it to a Lieutenant or Commander. If a person of the rank above yours is not available, bring your concern to an officer of the next highest rank. Do not bring an issue directly to a Major without very good reason.

All that said, if a person has witnessed a serious breach of the honor code, or they are considering leaving the AeGiS for any reason, they should feel free to speak with whomever they are most comfortable. AeGiS is an inclusive community where people should feel welcome and comfortable. If that is not the case, it is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

Conclusion: Closing the Deal
It’s good to remind potential recruits at the end of the speech that we’re here to have fun. This speech may sound long, daunting and at times boring, but the rules are easy to pick up and they’re all available on the website. Ask if the potential recruit has any questions or clarifications about the rules. If so, do your best to answer them or have a higher ranking officer handle the question. After questions say “if you’re interested in joining, back out of the room, change all of your symbol colors to steel (or whatever the recruit color for the clan is) and we’ll get you a clan invite.” (We don’t recommend asking the person “do you still want to join AeGiS?” but rather giving them their first task: getting their first official symbol.)

A Lieutenant or Commander will send a welcome message to the whole clan saying something like “Please welcome _____ (recruit’s gamertag) to the clan, brought to us by _____ (recruiting member’s gamertag).” Then the new recruit will be sent a clan invite and, once accepted, be given peon privileges and declared officially a recruit in AeGiS. This is an important moment for members, so make sure to introduce them around and get them gaming with the community.
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Recruiting Speech
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