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 New Frontier's Story (Updated: A Must Read)

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AGC Revelry CL
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AGC Revelry CL

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PostSubject: New Frontier's Story (Updated: A Must Read)   Wed Dec 24, 2008 8:58 pm

Well, you guys know I'm making a jumping map series called "The New Frontier" which has multiple parts to it that will be released in Season IV. You also know that I WILL NOT GIVE YOU THE NEXT PART UNTIL you show me a video of you beating the part you are on in first person.

All 5 New Frontier Maps Will be on Avalanche.

So this is how the story goes:

In a distant galaxy, a catastrophic explosion tore open different dimensions and allowed them to connect with one another. The cause of the explosion is unknown. With the dimensions torn open like this, it won't be long until every being in the universe is sucked in a black hole that will take all life and light away for eternity. The universe stands at a great imbalance, so several warriors, determined to fix the threat, have taken "The New Frontier Challenge".

The challenge is to jump from obstacle to obstacle, and eventually from map to map (or dimension to dimension we'll say in this case Very Happy) with the hopes of finding a solution and fixing the tear in the dimensions.

Some will not make it at all, others will struggle but in vain, very few will succeed.

The New Frontier (unlike Climb it, and Wildcard) has checkpoints (blue shield doors) so one can monitor their own progress and they embark on their journey. Maybe count their checkpoints?

One thing is certain, both rookie and advance jumpers will take to the challenge ane enjoy the series like no other map series has done before! Good luck and await Season IV.

-AGC Revelry CL
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New Frontier's Story (Updated: A Must Read)
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